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Do You Need a Lawyer to Make Your Will?

February 25, 2019

If you want to make a will, but you’re not sure about the process, there are two options. You can hire a lawyer to help, or you can create your will yourself. Each of these options will have some advantages and disadvantages, however, according to your particular situation.

Should I Write My Own Will?

Writing your own will saves you the costs of hiring a will attorney, which is the primary reason that most people choose to do it themselves. You must be careful to comply with the laws, however, and it could be challenging to create a will if your situation is complex.

Should I Hire a Will Lawyer?

If you have a lawyer draft your will, the biggest advantage is the peace of mind of knowing you are protecting your loved ones. An experienced will lawyer can ensure that your will complies with the law, offers the greatest tax advantages and considers your circumstances to be valid in court.

When Is It Important to Hire a Will Lawyer?

There are a few situations in which it’s advisable to hire a will attorney. If the following circumstances apply to you, it’s the best option:

  • You have minor children.
  • You have remarried.
  • You’re in a same-sex partnership.
  • You own a business.
  • You have assets disbursed in multiple states or countries.
  • You have assets valued over $2 million.
  • You think your will may get contested.

In these situations, it’s helpful to have a lawyer to ensure your will is valid and won’t undergo challenge in court.

Looking for a Will Lawyer?

Regardless of your circumstances, hiring will lawyer is the least risky option. If you need a will lawyer New Mexico, Decker Law Office LLC can assist you. Contact us today to arrange a consultation about your will!