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How to Apply for Disability Benefits with High Blood Pressure

May 15, 2019

Social Security disability benefits may be approved for high blood pressure when a person’s BP is over 140/90 and is a secondary symptom of kidney disease, obesity, cardiovascular disorders or other serious medical issue. To meet criteria for SSD eligibility guidelines for high blood pressure, you must prove your condition prevents you from being “gainfully employed” and that high blood pressure significantly interferes with at least one physiological system.

Where is High Blood Pressure Listed in Social Security’s Blue Book?

No individual listing exists for high blood pressure in the SSA’s Blue Book of medical conditions. Instead, SSD eligibility for high blood pressure is based on criteria indicating which body systems are impacted by the consequences of hypertension. Systems recognized by the SSA that are predominantly affected by high blood pressure include:

Cardiovascular system (heart/arteries)
Central nervous system (the brain, specifically “CNS vascular accidents”)
Genitourinary impairments (kidneys)
Senses and speech (eyes/glaucoma)
If an applicant does not have a medical condition meeting the requirements for Social Security disability listed in the Blue Book, they may still meet SSD eligibility criteria by proving the total of their disabling conditions are equivalent to at least one listing.

Is It Difficult to be Approved for High Blood Pressure Disability Benefits?

High blood pressure by itself is not enough to meet SSD eligibility requirements. Medical documentation submitted to the SSA must prove the applicant suffers from a co-existing medical problem that prevents them from working and earning income.

You will also need to gather and submit the following medical documents to the SSA:

Blood pressure reading records
Test results indication kidney disease, heart disease, etc
Physician reports showing treatments for your high blood pressure have been unsuccessful
Medical documents proving your condition negatively affects your ability to remain employed
Securing the services of an experienced Social Security disability attorney may mean all the difference between your claim being approved or being denied. Call the Decker Law Office today to schedule an appointment about submitting your application for SSD eligibility benefits.