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We provide experienced legal representation for workers seeking short-term and long-term disability benefits from Social Security, and offer help through each step of the process, from initial applications to hearings by the Federal Court. In addition, we also serve clients regarding personal injuries, wills, and offer expertise in civil litigation.

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Facing a sudden illness or injury can be a life-altering experience, impacting not only your health but also your financial stability. Short-term disability benefits exist to provide much-needed support during these challenging times, and in Albuquerque, having the right short-term disability attorney can make all the difference. Decker Griffel, LLC is your trusted partner in Albuquerque, our attorneys have the expertise necessary to assist you in filing for short-term disability as we get you the compensation you need.

Understanding Short-Term Disability in Albuquerque

Short-term disability refers to a temporary period during which an individual is unable to work due to an illness, injury, or medical condition. Unlike long-term disability, which covers extended periods of disability, short-term disability typically provides benefits for a limited duration. These benefits can be crucial for maintaining financial stability when you are unable to earn your regular income.

Here are some examples of situations where short-term disability benefits help you:

  • You have a broken leg and are unable to work for 6 weeks.
  • You have a chronic illness, such as asthma, and you need to take a leave of absence from work to manage your condition.
  • You are pregnant and need to take maternity leave.
  • You have a mental health condition, such as depression, and you need to take time off from work to seek treatment.

Filing for Social Security Disability benefits is essential when your medical condition or injury leaves you unable to work for an extended period, typically lasting a year or more. These benefits are designed to help individuals who are facing long-term disability challenges. They offer financial assistance and access to medical coverage, ensuring you can maintain a basic standard of living while dealing with your condition.

Why Use a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Navigating the complex process of filing for Social Security Disability benefits in Albuquerque can be daunting, especially when you're already dealing with health issues. That's where a Social Security Disability attorney, such as Decker Griffel, LLC, comes in.

A qualified attorney at Decker Griffel, LLC specializes in Social Security Disability cases, ensuring we understand the intricacies of the system and can guide you effectively toward earning short-term disability benefits. We can help you maximize your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve as our attorneys know how to build a strong case, gather essential medical evidence, and present your claim effectively. The short-term disability application process in Albuquerque can be time-consuming. Our attorneys can help you navigate potential delays and ensure your case moves forward as smoothly as possible.

What is Needed to File?

The Importance of a Disability Attorney

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A disability attorney at Decker Griffel, LLC is your advocate in the process of obtaining short-term disability benefits, and we work tirelessly to ensure your claim is successful. Our expertise can significantly improve your chances of receiving the benefits you need to maintain your quality of life during short-term disability. When facing short-term disability challenges in Albuquerque, understanding the importance of Social Security Disability benefits and the role of a qualified attorney is crucial.

Decker Griffel, LLC, has the expertise and dedication to help you secure the support you need to regain control of your life during challenges such as short-term disability. Don't navigate the process alone, enlist the assistance of our experienced professionals to ensure a successful outcome for your short-term disability claim. Contact our attorneys today and let us help you with your case.

We Can Help You at Any Stage of Your Case

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  • Filing and answering Complaints and other pleadings
  • Motion practice
  • Interrogatories, Requests for Production, Requests for Admissions, Depositions, & Subpoenas
  • Bench and Jury Trials
  • Settlement, Mediation, and Arbitration
  • Disability Hearings
  • Pursuing Appeals, including in federal district court

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