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We provide experienced legal representation for workers seeking short-term and long-term disability benefits from Social Security, and offer help through each step of the process, from initial applications to hearings by the Federal Court. In addition, we also serve clients regarding personal injuries, wills, and offer expertise in civil litigation.

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Located in Albuquerque, Decker Griffel, LLC helps clients with disability issues. We assist clients in applying for Social Security Disability benefits and pursuing appeals if needed. We also represent individuals in hearings before an administrative law judge.

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney at Decker Griffel, LLC can help a client with the application process and filing the appropriate documents. This can improve the chances of getting approved at the Motion for Reconsideration and hearing levels.

How New Mexico Residents Can Get SSD Help

The experienced Social Security attorneys at Decker Griffel, LLC assist people throughout New Mexico who cannot work because of a medical condition. We have a practice dedicated to helping disabled individuals apply for and win Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

We understand the intricacies of the application process, including all its forms and supplemental documents. Many applications are denied for technical reasons, so it is crucial that the information is complete and accurate, which we will assist you in gathering. We also are able to handle the appeals process for clients who are wrongfully denied benefits.

What Paperwork is Needed for SSD

To get SSD benefits, you need extensive medical documentation that clearly demonstrates your disabling condition and its limitations. You will also need to submit significant information about your past work, including the types of jobs you held and their physical and mental requirements.

The Social Security Administration uses the Blue Book, a guide that helps them determine whether you meet specific criteria for disability benefits. Your disability attorney at Decker Griffel, LCC will help you review the Blue Book and understand how it applies to your specific condition.

You will need to submit original documents, including lease receipts, bank statements, pay stubs, and insurance policies, which Decker Griffel, LLC can help you gather. You may also need to provide the name and contact information of a representative payee, who is responsible for managing your funds. You can choose a friend or family member, but they must be trustworthy and able to manage your money well.

How an Attorney at Decker Griffel, LLC Helps You Get SSD

The process of applying for SSD benefits is complicated and stressful, especially if your medical condition prevents you from working. One of our compassionate Social Security Disability attorneys can help you navigate the system, meet deadlines and fulfill procedural requirements. We will also assist you in filing appeals if your initial claim is denied.

You can apply for SSD benefits on your own, but hiring an attorney lifts the burden of filling out the necessary paperwork and attending medical appointments. A lawyer can also help you understand the complex legal language used in the SSA’s decisions and assist you in gathering the required documentation. We’ll also ensure you get the most benefits possible for your disability claim.

What Disabilities Are Included?

In general, a person can qualify for disability if they have a severe medical condition that keeps them from working as they could in the past. The condition must also have lasted or be expected to last at least a year or cause death. Many disabling conditions have been listed by the SSA in its “Listing of Impairments,” and one of our Social Security Disability attorneys can help you determine whether your condition meets these criteria.

One of the most common disabilities is arthritis or musculoskeletal system issues, and vision or hearing impairment. A significant number of people also suffer from mental health conditions, including mood disorders and intellectual disabilities such as autism or schizophrenia, and can receive Social Security Disability benefits. Injuries can also lead to disability, with amputations and severe back problems among the most common.

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When you’re in need of experienced and compassionate Social Security Disability attorneys in Albuquerque, turn to Decker Griffel, LLC for assistance in filing. We’ll help you gather all required documentation, help you through appeals, and fight for you if you’re rejected. We have skilled attorneys that are ready to fight for you to get the disability benefits you deserve.

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