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What Is the Date Last Insured (DLI) for Disability Benefits?

March 18, 2019

Disability benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance are essential in order for a disabled person to survive in an economy that rewards those who can work. In order to qualify for those benefits, however, one must apply before their Date Last Insured or DLI. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Date Last Insured affects the application process.

What Is the Date Last Insured?

There is no set DLI that applies to everyone. Instead, there are rules that determine the DLI on an individual basis. Generally, the DLI is the date five years from when you last worked. If you last worked three years ago, for example, your DLI would be two years from now. If you last worked seven years ago, your DLI happened two years ago.

Can I File for SSDI After My DLI?

Your DLI is meant to disqualify you from disability benefits after a certain period of time, but that doesn’t mean you have no recourse at all. There are still a few steps you can take to attain the necessary benefits:

  • Prove the onset of your disability occurred before the DLI.
  • Fulfill the recent work requirement.
  • Establish a Protective Filing Date before your DLI.

Why You Should Hire an SSDI Lawyer

Proving that the onset of your disability occurred before your DLI is complicated in its own right. While medical evidence is a necessary part of your case, it’s often not enough to establish onset. That’s why it’s useful to have an SSDI lawyer who is able to reopen your previous Social Security claim as additional evidence.

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