How Are Federal District Court Appeals Different From Other SSDI Appeals?

When someone applies for Social Security disability and is denied, they have the right to appeal and have their case heard before a Social Security administrative law judge (ALJ). Similar to other U.S. states, the process of starting a New Mexico SSDI appeal before an ALJ should be initiated as soon as a denial is received by the SSA. If the ALJ ultimately delivers a second denial on an SSDI claim, then the claimant should hire a disability attorney who will begin the federal district court process of appealing the denial.

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  • Completing Disability, Function, Work History, and Work Activity Reports
  • Filing Requests for Reconsideration
  • Filing Requests for Hearing
  • Attending hearings before Administrative Law Judges
  • Cross-examining the SSA’s vocational and medical experts
  • Filing Requests for Review of Hearing Decision/Order to the Appeals Council
  • Filing appeals to Federal District Court

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