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Bike Accidents


Injuries Caused By Bicycle, Train, And Motorcycle Accidents

While not as well documented as accidents involving motor vehicles, a large number of accidents in New Mexico involving bicycles, trains, and motorcycle accidents occur each year and have the potential to lead to serious injuries and substantial property damage.

Bicycle Accidents

There are several ways in which bike accidents in Albuquerque occur, but some of the most common include:

Defective Parts. Bicycle retailers and manufacturers can be held liable for injuries that occur when bicycles are defectively designed, manufactured, assembled, or maintained. One of the most common types of bicycle product liability accidents involves the hub on the wheels of bicycles, which can become undone. Other types of defective products include faulty tires, defective hand brakes, cracked pedals, and chains that break or come apart.

Bicyclists Who Are Riding Against Traffic. Bicyclists must make sure to obey traffic laws in order to avoid motor vehicle bike accidents. Riding against vehicular traffic is a dangerous activity and contributes to a large portion of bicycle accidents. When a bicyclist rides against traffic, there is little time to avoid an imminent collision or bike accident. Cyclists who are headed the wrong way also pose a risk to the cyclists riding with traffic.

There several common types of cyclist injuries for which bicyclists frequently require the services of a bicycle accident attorney. The type and severity of bicycle injuries depend upon several important factors, including the following: the type of impact, whether a helmet or other type of protection was involved, the speed of the parties involved, whether motor vehicles were involved in the accident, and the condition of the road.

Types Of Railroad Accidents

There are several reasons why railroad accidents involving both non-passenger and passenger train may occur, which include: accidents due to mechanical failure, accidents at railroad crossing, derailments, collisions with other trains, and collisions with passenger trains. Some of the most common causes of railroad and train accidents include: accidents resulting from individuals walking on or near train tracks, defective equipment, human error, injured railroad employees, track and signal defects, trespassing in train yards, and vehicle collisions with trains. There are a number of train accident injuries that may allow for a motor vehicle driver to contact a railroad accident attorney, including: abrasions, brain injuries, burn injuries, concussions, fractures, internal and soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, and sprains.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause terrible injuries and in many cases even fatalities. The small size and exposed nature of motorcycles creates a significant risk that motorcyclists will be seriously injured. While the most common injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes involve the legs and hips, the most common cause of fatalities involving motorcycles accidents are head injuries. Motorcyclists are at a significant risk of receiving traumatic brain injuries. These brain injuries involve loss of motor skills, paralysis, seizures, decreased intellect, and memory loss. Many individuals find that these injuries are life altering in nature. Traumatic brain injuries also frequently result in substantial medical costs and often require an individual to need lifelong care.

Contact an Attorney

Due to the severity of many of these injuries, those who have been involved in a crash should contact an attorney. A skilled attorney at Decker Law Office LLC will help with filing a claim and ensure that the injured party is eligible to recover due compensation for their damages.