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How we can help you get disability benefits in New Mexico or Southern Colorado

1. If you need to apply for benefits

Applying for benefits is complicated and Decker Law Office is here to help. Most people who initially apply for benefits are turned down. At Decker Law office, we will help you plan a winning strategy to get you the benefits you deserve, whether applying in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Hobbs, Las Cruces, Farmington, Durango or Pueblo. Decker Law Office has years of experience applying people for benefit and knows how to increase your chances of application victory.

2. If your application is denied

Getting a Social Security Disability denial letter can seem unfair and upsetting. Don’t give up. Hiring a lawyer helps you level the playing field. Decker Law Office knows the ins and outs of social security law and procedure and will put together the strongest case possible.

3. If you have a hearing set but have not retained a lawyer

If the social security has told you that you have a hearing, its important that you are well prepared with a strategy for how you will argue your case and present your evidence. Hiring a lawyer means that you will have a professional taking the weight off your shoulders. Decker Law Office has presented hundreds of disability cases to the social security administration. Decker Law Office will analyze your case, develop and submit important evidence, prepare you and any witnesses to testify, prepare and make legal arguments, question witnesses, and cross examine any expert witnesses.

Allow Decker Law Office to represent you at your hearing. Contact us today.